The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Semifinals

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how u doin'?
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GL in finals!

I am somehow not as disappointed as I thought I'd be rn. That's hopefully a good sign. It's over, we weren't good enough boys, especially our SM activity and gameplay in semis made me feel we don't deserve to make finals. Especially the part about the activity made me think and made semis incredibly stressful for me. I hope that I don't have to experience sth like that again.. I am sorry for not winning the tiebreak and I am a bit mad I decided to not go with the other team that had a good matchup.

Big respect to our opponents, you were the better team in a very bad series, you beat East and we'll see whether you guys can go all the way.

Shoutouts to Ricardo and Trosko for the help. Shoutout to Charmflash for doing what you could to rescue our SM.

Thanks to our Old Gens guys for carrying us, especially to Conflict for doing this every year with me. Every year you say that you don't have much time but end up being one of the most essential members on our team. Really happy for my boys CrashinBoomBang and Persephone for getting us a great record in ORAS.

See y'all in snake :P
Words can hardly describe how disappointed I am. We really thought its our year and losing now feels realy bad of course. But we have to admit that West deserves it more than we do, especially in SM they played it better than we did. Sorry guys for this horrible match this round, I failed in the most important match of my ,career‘.
Before this tour started i really had no idea how it will go, but it started better than i could have ever expected it. Especially CrashinBoomBang, Conflict and Fakes did an amazing job. CBB, you showed everyone your the goat :melloat: and Conflict was helping everyone, in each gen at any time. Even the activity beast Fakes, who at first didnt want to play, was amazing. Him, conflict and pasy_g helped me and every other old gen player a lot.
I hope our team wont break apart now, it was the most enjoyable teamtour experience I ever had.
There is always a next year guys...
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